Tuesday, December 30, 2008

15 points why someone should not deal with Aequor?

In the midst of all those corporate scandals and during a period of recession in the market it is very important to understand the organisation that you are working with or you are joining. Your bright career may end up in dark well.

Most Business Organisations -- just like most people in general -- are good. They know right from wrong, and try to do right. But there is flip side to it also some people make it there habit to cheat anyone and everyone, may be its there in their BLOOD, similarly for some of the organisations its there in their work culture to cheat its customer, both external customers and internal customers i.e. its employees. Joining such an organisation may turnout to be a nightmare to deal with as they are loyal to none not even the community, society and the country.

Such an organisation is “Aequor”, which has the HQ in New Jersey, and the development centre is located in Gurgaon near Delhi. Here are some quick points on –

* Why you should not deal with Aequor?
* Why its disgraceful to work with Aequor?
* Why you should not work with Aequor?

1. Cheating customers: The headcount is less than half of that declared to the clients. Any employee can be made billable irrespective of skills and knowledge just for charging the customer.
2. Underpaid employees
3. Excessive work pressure, employees made to work extra hours in extremely stressful environment.
4. Employees compelled to work on national holidays also without any compensation for the extra day worked.
5. Heights of organisational politics, no work culture and business ethics
6. Lacks professionalism
7. Highly discriminative environment

(If you are a Punjabi, you always have an upper edge even if you don’t have attitude, aptitude and skills)

8. Growth for bootlickers
9. After giving resigning and giving the notice of one month the salary and relieving letter are not provided to the exiting employees.
10. Management does abide by the company policies as declared earlier.
11. Employee’s harassment.
12. Inadequate facilities to the employees.
13. In-human quality of meals for the employees.
14. Transport provided by the company is mostly overloaded and employees are packed into cabs like animals.
15. Employees feel insecured, demotivated and depressed due to improper work environment and fear of loosing job. That’s not all, at times you may have to compromise with your self respect.

If you are looking for business solution then certainly dealing with Aequor may turn out to be very bad experience to you and your organisation. Moreover, the quality of work will definitely be not good as the way they deal with their employees.

If you want to be professional, successful, hungry for growth and are willing to work in highly motivated environment then be rest assured Aequor is not the organisation to work with! You may end up in depression!!

The above information is based on my interaction with Aequor Employees.


  1. Hi,

    I am in the process of exploring an opportunity with Aequor?.. I would like to talk to a person who knows Aequor or who had bad experiences with that company. Please email me your name and phone number.and I would be glad to call you and clarify things.... My name is Balaji residing in Coimbatore, TN.. My number is 098948-07160.. My email is avbalaji_recruiter@yahoo.co.in

  2. Hi,

    You really don’t know about this organization? This is the worst organization in my whole IT career; I have already wasted a long time with Aequor and faced a lot of consequences. Anybody can ask anything about this firm on this platform, I will be happy to give you a hand. Although I am not going to disclose my name but believe me everybody knows that who am I? Let’s discuss some internal policies of this organization:

    1. This is an organization whose main work is filing H1-VISA for suitable candidates from India and other countries. If you are going to plan anything with AEQUOR regarding H1-VISA please take a step back, this is not the right place for your work, initially they will take care of your application but whenever you pay the fees and all that you will be in deep trouble. Don’t think that I am trying to persuade anybody all these information are true and I am trying to show the real picture.
    2. If you are planning to stay with Aequor as an employee that will be terrible time for you, at the time of appointment they promise a lot but when you are in you will be shocked that the situation is quite different as you think. Do you one most funny thing which happened sometimes back , Aequor management announced that if employees want to get there ID card or business card they have to submit fee for that . Story is same either you talk about Aequor -USA or Aequor –India.

    I have a jumbo list of stories but I don’t want to make me upset so I am concluding now. If anybody wants to know anything specific write it on this blog I will be happy to help you.

    1. Hi, I am looking for a career as Legal professional in Aequor right now. I just wanted to know does anything positive is there in this recent years to join this company.

  3. I am currently working in Aequor, as far as my experince with Aequor, its really good company to learn and with lot of opportunities, I am saying this as they send me to US also to client site, with very good package, and working wise to timing is little odd but overall its not bad

  4. It is good to here that that at least you are Lucky fellow who is happy there.
    I think you didn't meet Mr. CEO, I was directly in touch with him although I was not at higher Post in Aequor but was bit popular over there. Assume you are at Chennai office that is better than Gurgaon office. You can talk to any body in Aequor Gurgaon and you will see the real picture.

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  6. I want to show the actual face of Aequor that why I joined this discussion, there are a lot of fraud cases done by this Organization. Although I spread out this information to all renowned companies like HCL, INFOSYS, WIPRO etc.. but I appreciate you guys send this info to as many IT Professionals.

  7. Hey

    Do you funny thing is happening finally people realize they made mistake to join AEQUOR, now most of guys are leaving this unethical place.

  8. hi actually me too has got an offer from this organisation...can anybody help me out wid d clear picture of this company Aequor Technologies, Gurgaon.

  9. Please follow the link which will take you to my post on aequor fraud.

  10. Hey Sanghamitra,

    I have worked with AEQUOR for 1.6 years and my experience is horrible. Management of this company is completely crap, initially you will enjoy but after 2-3 months they will show you their real face excessive politics is involved in work environment. This organization doesn't have work ethics, can you believe me I served complete one month notice period but they didn't released my salary. If you have any other option my suggestion go with other one, idea of joining this company is not good for your professional career.
    For more clarification you can directly write to me at mostspeculative@gmail.com

  11. Hey guys,
    Aequor is hunting for new guys now. you think it would be a good option to join them. Please suggest.


  12. Hey Anu,

    I worked in AEQUOR and got extremely unpleasant experience over there, this place is full of frauds for your reference I am sending you a link :

    I would like to suggest you please look for other opportunity never ever think to join AEQUOR.

  13. Hello friends,

    The comments above are surprising. I have had a very positive experience with the company - Aequor Technologies. I have been working with them for over 2 years. The company can be trusted and has a great work culture and opportunities are excellent.

    We can either complain or make the most of the opportunities given. The company has new clients and has been growing their employee base. With due respect to the blogger, I feel reasons should also be stated why the concerned person decided to join the company.

    Wishing you all the very best.

  14. Recently Nielsen Business E media withdrawn their projects from AEQUOR. Now they are trying their luck in print media. I insist guys don't play with your career, try some good organisation rather than join this company. These days Aequor is publishing several article from different - different ids to uplift their bad image so be aware of those.

    All the best.

  15. Hey I find something funny :)
    These Guys are having a site http://cplc.us/ do you know they stole all the code from NJIT.EDU site and just changed the pics ha ha ha.

    Compare these:

    http://cplc.us/ with http://themecraft.net/wwwdata/thumbs/n/njit.edu.jpg

  16. See more story about Aequor at


  17. Hey Guys Be aware before join this organization because recently they fired country head of India. If that type of person can't save his job how you can? think twice before making any wrong decision.

  18. One of The Worst among the Worst company i have ever seen in my career.

    1. No policies which we can say is stable.
    2. Heights of Management Policy.
    3. Totally Un professional.
    4. No Growth.
    5. Salary gets credited only after 8 to 9 days (Delays).
    6. HR. - Sitting in Manager role but equivalent to executive. NAME: RANJAN PANDA.
    I can never refer anyone in this organisation. Only those people work here who never get the job anywhere in the planet.

    SMALL NOTE TO ALL: Beware if you get call from aequor and talking about opportunities. Never ever feel happy and attend interviews.

  19. I beleive, the admin blogger seems to having personal enenmity reasons with the company. I don't see a single review apart from the bloggers comment. I trust, you might have had personal reasons for all thi. I have been with copany for the past 2 yrs by now and have seen lot of changes taking place. If it is not an excellent company to work but at the same time not bad at all. much better that Wipro & Infosys. More of personalization rather than standard policies. All who have be writting here seem to be venting out their personal enemities rather than being rational. I am pretty happy but at the same would like few new policies to be incorporated

  20. Well its really true that this company lacks professionalism and this is the reason the good employess are leaving this company regularly ( 5 at an average everyday including highly paid and high designations). They have a zeal to modify the resumes of the candidates to impress the client and then blame everything on the employeee. This is real shit !!!

    People sitting in US don't know what is happening in INDIA and people sitting in another part of INDIA thinks that everything can be done over the telephone.....

    Does it really work this way?

    With so many resignations.... is it going to change the things.....

    and there are many resignations still in Q waiting ... BEWARE executives in US ....

    here recruiters can become acount manager with zero knowledge about account?

    Beware fo AEQUOR

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  23. Hi Guys,

    I paid US $3,250 to aequor in 2008 for H-b1 process and today I have nothing. they don't respond my email's even my phone calls. sometimes they change the recruiter and we have to start again: interview, just wait for my call, the market is not good, and a lot of tale.
    I want to recover my money back.
    Could someone help me please?

  24. This is a F***ing Company.. I had been working here as a Graphic designer with Naylor Group. This is a bull sh**t company. when they needed us they hired us after so many rounds of interview and now when they are not getting enough work because of their foolish Managers who dont know how to handle the projects the team had to face the brunch. The employees were asked not to come from the next day without any prior intimation. the work environment is pathetic. The Team Leaders are of no use. You cannot question the Accounts dept for the deductions in your salary. You have to follow blindly to all the foolishness they do. i would suggest never ever join such a company as this will ruin your precious time. There is a lady whose name is GEETANJALI who is a B****ch. it seems that she is the person who takes care of all the needs of CTO ( KJ). she has got her salary doubled in a yr... and she acts a a BOSS for the whole company... nobody can question her as she has the right to terminate anyone..now you can well imagine what type of ppl are there in this company.. it is more of a LALA company.. I am sure this company will shut down very soon bcoz of the bastards sitting in the management as TL's ,Accountants and ofcourse GEETANJALI...oh yess there is a guy called AJIT PAL SINGh. He is a Sr. TL in the dept . The best part is he doesnt know the work for which he is appointed !!! The only thing he knows is where do you get all types of street foods.. he finishes aall the pantry food. everyones lunch boxes.. i wonder whr have they got such a bukkhad person... u may wonder how did he qualify for the position if he doesnt know any work... it is bcoz of SOURCES... One TL gets another to accompany him and support him... so both the TL's are of same kind... now you can very well imagine how the team wud succeed.

    1. Tu Kutiya Hai.. maha chutar hai.

    2. oye unknown......shit heads like make us all look bad....start running u bahen chod...

  25. Geetanjali is just an instrument in the hands of KJ. If KJ wants he can play another instrument (women) as he is powerful. When Geetanjali was in Miami for an official trip, KJ came to meet her and both of them spent nice time on weekends from morning to late evenings. When they sit on the car they sit like a couple holding hands of each other. Kissing and hugging seems to be a common practice.
    I see the whole drama everyday what these bigshots play sitting on the cabins. People who deserve to be on positions they leave our company.
    Bharat Bansal has its own axe to grill, with no knowledge on the subject, but he is an expert. He does not deservers this kind of position and salary he is getting in Aequor. Am sure he cannot bring an offer from another company not even close to the figures he is getting here.
    Kiran vaidya was fucking bhawana for a long time when he was in Chennai. The word K is quite fucking in Aequor Technologies K for Kiran; K for KJ.
    Not sure when these guys will fire me. I have no offer in hand……….

  26. I had been working here as a Graphic Designer & got fired & also don't have any offer in hand. I agree with all your points above except one i.e. about Ajit Pal Singh. I would like to say that he is one of the qualified TLs we have in the company & knows his work best. He loves food but he is not like the way you have described him above.........People feel more free to talk to him regarding anything than anyone else.

  27. I was fired too. Deepali you are pathetic writing such stuff. You know it was your fault. My Dear Bond, don't F***, you are the most F***d up person. It is because of you we all got fired. You are sitting there an enjoying on our fall outs. You should have been fired first. I was you, I would quit today but no, you just don't care. If I see you next time, you are going to get the beating of your life.

  28. I also work for the Naylor team. I know the company has fired few individuals due to performance recently. If you are one of them and writing these comments then i feel you are pathetic. I have worked with numerous organizations both big and small including Times and no organization is perfect. I feel a lot of people were just sitting around and not doing anything and all their work had to be done by some of us only who know the industry well and know their job well. It is about time the company took some action and got rid of the bottom feeders who were making our life terrible. I hope they continue to take these actions more often so that we only have good people left in our team. I am all for performance measurements and getting rewarded for the same. I have a simple rule that if you work hard then your team and management would definitely admire your work and that is the only way to grow in life and within any organization. Just feel sorry for being fired because you could not perform and then making allegations against people you don't even know is not only childish but ridiculous. Grow up man.... We all have better things to do in life than to read your crying.

  29. Raj Kumar,
    I feel sorry for you brother. Because of certain A...holes like Boomer above we all had to suffer. I agree we should all get together and kick As... of Boomer as he deserves it. Freeking guys don't deserve to be part of any organization. A....hole.....Boomer..

  30. I apologize i meant James bont and not Boomer for my above comments.
    Boomer...Sorry Yaaar.

    When i read these kind of things with people who are waisting our time i really feel like kicking as...

  31. Its not the organizations are pathetic, its people like James Bond who work for them are pathetic. If James bond is Deepali, then Raj Kumar i agree 100 percent with you. She definitely deserved it.

  32. What is wrong with you people????
    Based on experience there is always a reason if you will get fired. Reading your comments shows me why were you fired.

    Good luck, and grow up and find a job.

  33. Ashok,

    I know it is you who has this blog. Email me when you get a chance.

  34. Hi,

    I get an offer from AEQUOR, Gurgaon. Can you please give me your suggestions whether I should join it or not. Thanks.

  35. A bunch of liars, unethical, and immature work culture.

    Always have issues about payment, back track on rate issues.

    Management guys from that company are posting good feedback here. btw, I make half a mil $, so no, my performance doesn't suck, the company does. So stay away from the company.

  36. I am a fresher and have got an offer at Aequor, Gurgaon..
    with 2 yrs bond... can anybody suggest something... n plz true facts as i am gonna start my career.. n about salaries.. and other stuffs.. plz tell me whatever u think.. n kindly mention positive things too.. it will help me a lot.. plz reply soon within 1 day

  37. or you can call me at 09650506220

  38. I think you have got some misconception about the company, I joined as a fresher 5 months back. Overall I am enjoying the working hours, flexibility and good supporting staff. They promote me to grow and raise my wings to success. For the blog owner I have few words to say "Employee doesn't leave company, they leave manager".

  39. I got an offer from aequor as healthcare recruiter position. Can someone provide some information about this company.

  40. I got an offer from aequor as healthcare recruiter position. Can someone provide some information about this company.

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